Thursday, November 03, 2016

A household that plays dress up together, stays together.

One of the best gifts we can give to our kids as they grow up is good-fun memories. Recollections of great moments lived together can keep their hearts warm forever. They will make them feel special, appreciated and loved on... This is what halloween is for in my family.

I'm going to be honest, Halloween is not big in my household (no offense if it is in yours). We love costumes and we go crazy over candy, but the spooky, scary, evil part of it is not our thing. However, my husband and I use Halloween as an opportunity to teach our kids to have fun in a healthy, God honoring way, while also having a blast being goofy together. Three years ago, we decided to start a family tradition: family costumes, and we have enjoyed making our children laugh showing them how mom and dad can also be silly.

Halloween 2014. Okinawa, Japan

Halloween 2015- Massachusetts. My husband was on a trip, so the kids and I made the family costume happen!

Halloween 2016- Massachusetts.

Every year you can use these precious memories as decorative accessories in your home. Print your pictures and place them in a frame. Add them to the old ones as years go by and display them during Halloween time. There will be not a single decoration cooler than that!

            Stay warm,


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