Thursday, November 10, 2016


There is this spot in my living room that has been driving me bonkers for months. Nothing I place on this wall seems to settle my eye. Does this happen to you too? Please tell me I'm not alone! LOL!What I think will look awesome in this particular space is an oversized art piece of some kind. The problem is that big pieces are expensive.

Working on another post, I saw on Etsy a wall decoration piece that I loved. It cost $180, so not in my budget. Even though I don't personally like my house looking very crafty (no offense if you like that!), there are times when I think I can do a project myself, save money and make it look nice... This is one of those times! I'd like to share this project with you.

Here is what my husband and I did:

1. First, I chose a cool font for my art piece. You can google different fonts, choose the one you like, and for a very small amount, download them for your personal use.
The font I chose is called: Mustache Brush Script.

2. I went to the Staples website and looked for engineered prints. You have 4 different sizes to chose from, prices varying from $3 to 12. You can print in black and white or in color. I chose to print a bible verse (Romans 12:12) in blue letters on the biggest size ( 36"x48").

3. I went to Eco Buildings Bargains in Springfield and bought 3 long pieces of reclaimed wood for $25.

Then, following this tutorial:, my husband was able to make an awesome frame for the project. We also purchased a thin piece of wood to staple the paper to and add a back to our frame and... voila! The oversized piece of art was done for $42! I couldn't be happier with it and it has now sentimental value because my husband and I tackled this project together! If we can do it, you can also! Because sometimes you just need to not be intimidated by a project and take risks! ;)

Wall art from Etsy




Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Wow that looks awesome!!!!!!

Angelica said...

Thanks, friend!

Anonymous said...

Love this! :)

Angelica said...

Thank you, Mary! You should make one too! ;)

Kelli Dubois said...

I like yours better!

Angelica said...

Thank you, Kelli!