Friday, November 18, 2016

A Season of Alone

Once upon a time I was infertile. For years I struggled to find my place, my “tribe” if you will, and I did find it at last. I found support online, and I found it through a Support Group I helped start at my church. I felt scaffolded by the other women who were trudging through this valley with me.
Then I became a mom.
It was, of course, the greatest miracle and biggest honor of my life–to at last experience motherhood. I had prayed and yearned and begged for this for so long that the awesomeoness was definitely not lost on me.
But while I had the child I had dreamed of, I suddenly felt completely and utterly lost.
One of the most difficult parts of my journey into motherhood was that I felt abandoned by both groups of women—both the infertile women I had walked with for so long, and the mothers whose ranks I had finally joined. The operative word here is felt—I was not abandoned so much as I felt I did not belong in either group.
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Phil Danner said...

You are a gifted writer and communicator. Your writing is authentic, real, compassionate, and winsome and wise. May God continue to give your platforms to share your life and insights with women and men. God bless you and your family.