Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our Tour of Greeneville

Ruth Kross was my history teacher in middle school. And actually she was JB's teacher too. In fact, she went to high school with my Dad in Illinois so we go WAY back. She relocated to this area many years before I did. She wrote a darling book that I loved reading. You can check it out here: The Tree in the Courtyard.

She helped started tours of this incredibly rich and historic area many years ago. And on Monday, my kiddos and I got to get an individual tour (shortened of course for young attention spans.)

We visited:
  • Big Spring

  • Capital of the Lost State of Franklin

  • Andrew Johnson National Historic Site
  • Old Jail

  • Courthouse Square

  • General Morgan Inn
  • Cannon Ball Church (Cumberland Presbyterian Church)

I truly LOVE getting to see so much history! And I'm so blessed that Ruth took the time to show us. What a fun afternoon.


Susie said...

Aw, I loved Mrs. Kris's!!! How fun for you guys! 💙💙💙💙

Susie said...

Obviously, I meant KROSS!! Dumb spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

John and Wendi's kids were so curious and responsive to everything we talked about. I had a great time with them. Ruth Kross