Monday, November 14, 2016

Last day of homeschool co-op

It has been so fun to watch Abigail come out of her shell at our homeschooling co-op and life in general. I have written previously about Abigail and how clingy and pensive she was for the first 4 (almost 5) years of her life. I tried to appreciate this side of her, but I have to admit that I have rarely met another child who was as introverted as she was during this time. Even people she knew well, like her grandparents or my Aunt who lived with us, were hard for Abigail to stay with whenever I had to do anything.

As a quick refresher though, this was her on the first day of co-op last year in the fall of 2015 and the last day of co-op in the spring of 2016:

I don't know if it was just age or circumstances, but this little lass just blossomed. What was most fun was that other people finally got to see the beautiful flower that we saw at home. At home, we heard her speak and laugh and play. But the moment we went out in public, it was as if she became crippled by her shyness. Oh to see her flourish!

Last month, our friend Shelby came to stay with us on the farm. She had known us in the Azores, and she quickly admitted that she had never heard Abigail utter a word when we knew her there. And now, here she was, talking Shelby's ear off. It was so exciting. 

She joined us at the doctor's office when Isaac got his cast. I sat, nearly dumb-founded, as she made small talk with a guy in the waiting room peppering Isaac with questions. And when Isaac was a little on the quieter side with the doctor in the examination room, Abigail answered questions for him.

Last week in ballet, I nearly dropped my jaw when her teacher had to ask her to stop talking to her neighbor. And then today ... in co-op, three of her teachers came up to me nearly giddy. And you know why they were giddy? They had to tell Abigail to quiet down!!! All of us were sharing laughs in the hallway after co-op remarking about how far she has come in just a year. 

Now of course at the same time, I was checking in frequently and dealing with inappropriate behavior from Hannah. (She had a pretty good day today!)

In addition, I let Isaac join the 3rd-6th grade Geography class despite only being in 2nd grade, and was so excited today when he won the semester contest (and $30!) for answering the most geography questions correctly over the semester. (The kid absolutely loves geography!)

And Sidge, has absolutely loved co-op this year -- especially his PE class (of which I am his teacher.) I have loved watching him learn how to play kickball and dodgeball and tag. While he isn't the most athletic kid in the class, he is so like his dad in that he can outthink nearly any game. He was in tears at the end of the day because we are off until January.

We are so blessed to be in our homeschool co-op. It is absolutely outstanding.

I am also so blessed to have such amazingly different children. Each day I am reminded of how unique they are in their likes and interests.

I just love being their mom.

(But I am tired.)

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