Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bristol Theatre: Little Women

We couldn't wait for today! Today was the day that we got to drive to Bristol (about an hour from our house) and see Theatre Bristol's production of Little Women!

Here were are taking some pictures before the show. We just love how cozy this theatre is (probably 150 seats?) We were a tad nervous taking the four kiddos (ages 3-8) to such a long production (well over 2 hours) but decided to go for it. We are so glad we did!

Daddy with his blondie (who told us afterward that she gives the play a 100%!)

The boys (who weren't sure about seeing a "girly" play)

My little Hannah (the one who makes us the most nervous when taking her to places where she is supposed to stay quiet!)

Folks, we were excited to go, and we were NOT disappointed. This was an incredible play -- made even more incredible by the lead roll. The gal who played Jo was simply and unequivocally fantastic. She simply took over the stage and was such an immeasurable joy to watch. I hope she does great things in acting. She was SO good! Here is a picture from their Facebook page of Lorrie Anderson as Jo:

And here is a picture of Marmee and her four daughters early on in the play:

I truly hope that those of you who are local that read my Blog take the opportunity to go to this production. If you can't go to this one, visit the Theatre Bristol website and make plans to attend one of their future shows. This is the second time we have attended a play here (the first was Madeline!) We have been incredibly impressed with both productions and truly hope that we can attend many more of these productions in the future. This is a non-profit group. The tickets are very reasonably priced (and so are the concessions!)

I love seeing people doing what they love and making themselves and others happy in the process. This cast obviously loved this play, and it was such fun to watch. And, believe it or not, all four kiddos did really well. Hannah got a little stir crazy, but otherwise did beautifully.

Two funnies during the play:
  • My three-year-old Hannah (who, if one of my kids was going to be acting, it would be her) at one point during the play turned to me and said: "Mom. I just want to be on that stage." Later, at the end of the production while we were meeting the cast, I had to shoo her off of it! She really liked the idea of acting.
  • At one point, Jo and her fiancee kiss. This is near the end of the play, and by this time, Hannah was kneeling on the floor behind two young men in the row in front of us. She said a quick "Ew" and left the two guys absolutely in stitches.
Well done Theatre Bristol. My boys, who were worried, both enjoyed the play and said it was not too girly after all. I certainly hope we will attend many more of your performances in the future!

*My family and I received free tickets to this production in exchange for my honest and fair review!


Lorrie Anderson said...

You are so kind! I am so glad you enjoyed the show, and your blog post hasn't mad enough my day. Thank you so much!


Unknown said...

We loved it too (this is he mom of the little girl who was at Madeline too). Unfortunately we were not able to stay after intermission but I thought the show was very well done. Meghan Carty