Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Up-to-date Humor

Elijah, grabbing at a hang nail on his big toe, whined to me that,  "I have a fingernail on my toe."


Isaac has started associating JB's whiskers with "being home." Whiskers present? Staying home. Whiskers gone? Work time. Yesterday he actually went a step further in his reasoning and said, "Daddy, your whiskers are gone. You'll have to put them back before you go back to work."


All right, so I admit it. After Abigail was born, I tried running again, and I fell ... three times. Three times in one week.* I blame it on three things. One is the uneven sidewalks in the Falcon neighborhood. The second is some sort of post-pregnancy equilibrium disorder I am making up. And the third is the fact that I have, for most of my life, just been a wee bit clumsy.

I now have two huge boo-boos on my knees. (Isaac calls these "bew-bews" which I think is really cute but that isn't what this story is about.)

Today, he saw my bew-bews again and said to me, "Mommy, did you get a bew-bew?"
Me: "Yes."
Isaac: "What happened?"
Me: "Isaac, I tell you this every day. I fell when running."
Isaac: "You need to be more careful, Mommy."
Me: "I know."
Isaac: "You need to slow down."
Me: "I don't think that is actually the problem."
Isaac: "But Mommy, you do this all the time!"

I am pretty sure that at this, JB had to go hide in the other room to control his laughter.

John: "What did you do today, Isaac?"
Isaac: "I played at Angelica's house."
John: "Did you meet their new baby sister?"
Isaac: "I did."
John: "What's her name?" (Her name is Reese.)
Isaac: "Greece."
John: "Her name is Greece?"
Isaac: "Yeah. Greece."
Elijah: "No. Her name is Baby Greece."

* Does anyone think it is weird that we have a word for "twice" but not a word for "thrice". We can say "once" and "twice" but then we have to say "three times." Why? Why can't we say thrice? Or what about four? How would you pronounce that?


TAV said...

I think you can say "thrice." And I love the "bew-bew" story. I am one of the klutziest people I know and sometimes am scared to run in public :)

Anonymous said...

Falling while running? That's because you are tall and your eyes are so far above the ground. :)

nicole said...

The postpartum disequilibrium = real. If it's not, then we just discovered a new medical condition. I swear by it! Hope your bew bews heal quickly :-)

Judy Woodford said...

I'm pretty sure thrice is in the dictionary, what about 4 though?

Alana said...

I agree on the thrice thing, and I think that four should be fource...maybe.

Gabbs said...