Sunday, January 29, 2012

Answers to prayer

In the last few weeks of my life, I have seen some incredible answers to prayer. Real, live indications that God is present.

Want proof that God is cool? Read on:
  1. Check this out: Joshua has something to tell ya'll. Here is the part that is so cool. Our friends John and Becky were frustrated when they moved to Arizona. They found out they had to redo their home study for their adoption of their son Joshua. But they did it. And because they had that home study done, when another child suddenly became available, they were the only ones with the paperwork to adopt him. God knew this. He orchestrated this. He knew when they were frustrated with that home study redo that there was a reason. "God, help me to realize that the purpose of my suffering far exceeds the pain of my suffering."
  2. How about me flying home with all the kids? I had numerous people tell me they were praying for this trip. That God would provide the help I needed. Since then, (a) Veronica's sister in Germany told me she would help me at the rotator in Germany (b) our friends the Feesers offered to help in Washington D.C. (c) one of JB's patients, thankful for what a good doctor he is, put me in touch with a friend that can help me on the plane! How awesome.
  3. Remember when I wrote this post last week about Abigail's eye? That was January 20th. She has had a clogged tear duct since she was born in her left eye. It was so bad that when she woke up in the morning or naps her eye was "glued" shut. Dr. Linda told us we could give it until she was six months old. At that point, the chances of it correcting itself were slim without surgery. This past week we called and set up an appointment for Abigail in Florida to have the surgery done as she is 6.5 months old and it was still as bad as it was when she was born. There had been zero improvement. In fact we thought it might be worse than it was when she was born. Then I put up this post  asking you all for prayer. Dr. Linda even told me, medically speaking, not to get my hopes up. John agreed. It looked like the surgery was a go. And then, I kid you not, the day after I asked for prayer, Abigail woke up and her eye was perfectly clear. It has been clear for the seven days that followed.
  4. And then there was Elijah's sleep. I wrote this post asking for prayer for Elijah's sleep. It was troubled and had been going on for months. The day I finally wrote that post and asked for prayer saw a night of peaceful sleep. And every single night since then has been peaceful as I wrote about here. I'm sorry. That's a bit too much for me to just attribute it to coincidence. 
There are seasons of my life where I feel God is quiet. I had felt that for a few months. And then, all of a sudden, I feel him again. In real, tangible ways that have to be attributed to more than coincidence. Thank you Lord for being present. And I pray that through my words, other people can see you too.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for the reminder of how awesome prayer is, I needed that!

Jenny in FL

Tara said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these. Ditto what Jenny said...I needed the reminder too. :)

Dana said...

We had a similar experience with our 2nd child Rhiannon. When she was born she had the clogged duct. It was pretty bad, same goopy, gluey eyes you mentioned. Along with a an area on her left cheek that was always dry and chapped from the overflow of moisture that was always leaking from her eye. The doctors told us to give it 6-9 months to clear up, we massaged the area multiple times during each day like they advised us and still no improvement. At 6 months I couldn't bare to schedule the surgery, I was terrified of the idea of my little baby having any procedure even one the doctors kept telling us was perfectly safe. After her 9 month well-baby check we reluctantly scheduled the appointment with the specialist and as the day drew closer I constantly asked for the strength to get us through the procedure and to deal with my fears. The night before her visit we did our nightly massage of the area and I once again prayed for strength to get through the next day without fear. When we took her to her 8am pre-op appointment the doctor came in and examined her, he then said something we weren't expecting the duct was no longer clogged from what he could tell. He scheduled us for a follow-up 2 weeks later. The duct had opened despite the fact we were told at 9 months that was unlikely to happen. Maybe it was the result of our diligent care of the area and the constant massage of the area that opened it, that was our doctor's theory. I happen to think it was a blessing, a small miracle that I am still thankful for today.