Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy #3 Elijah Boy

On Friday evening, we had a joint birthday party with Elijah and his friend Scotty. His mom, Sarah, is a professional photographer. I encourage you to visit her website: Little Trees Photography, especially if you live in San Antonio -- their new home as of this spring. All of the pictures below, our courtesy of Sarah. She's amazing. Micah, Sarah and Scotty were also one of the couples who joined us on our weekend in the snow. 

(Elijah's personal creation. And yes, it's a dinosaur.)

The night before the party, we found out, at the last minute, that we had to go and get Scrubs and his kennel, weighed at the flight line for our move to the Azores. This meant no time for JB to make the cakes and left me to be the cake-maker the day of the party. I decided to let the kids help me. The cakes on the left have an "E" on it for Elijah and are the dinosaur he created. The cakes on the right have an "S" on it and Scout (which JB drew) -- Scotty's stuffed animal pal. The boys helped me to decorate the cupcakes. We had a great time!

I can't believe how grown up he looks here. 

 Or how grown up she looks. (And yes, she is wearing a skirt and tights. I can't believe it myself.)

 Ms. Logan is the "cool aunt" everyone wishes they had. My kids are all in love with her. Her husband is deployed and so she has been helping me out since Veronica's departure.

 Elijah's friend Aksel with his Dad, Jake.

 Mr. Micah helping some of the kids bowl. He's such a cool guy!

 Stay tuned for an entire post on Isaac's bowling skills soon to come!

 What would a party be without Peter?


Brittny said...

They have certainly grown up. I can't believe how much they have changed! Love them!!

Jake Olson said...

Nice pics. I love the redesigned blog Wendi!

I also love the pic of me and Aksel, especially since I look so much slimmer in these pictures than in John's cider post!

Papa Coach and Grama Di said...

Happy birthday Elijah Luke! You are a gift to us! How Great is our GOD!!!!