Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Misspelled (updated)

Yes, this dish is called "Goat Stubborness." We see this a lot. When trying to create an "English menu" (which isn't done at very many places) you end up with some things that just make you smile.

I found another great Turkish spin-off. I suppose they mean "Transformers."

I have decided that I just must start taking pictures of the clothing (usually children's) that we see in the market here in Turkey. Not just any old clothing. But the clothing that attempts to use English ... incorrectly. 

I am sure this happens in America as well. I am sure bad translations are universal. So please do not see this as a mockery of Turkish culture. It's just something I find funny.

Here are a few examples:

Can you spot the error in the one above?

This one is a little more obvious.

I like this one because, I have no idea what it means. "is turning" Does that mean something? (We saw another shirt that had a picture of some balls that said "activity." Not really something we'd put on a shirt.)

I'm truly not sure what this one is supposed to say. Read? Ready? Really?


Anonymous said...

The top one looks like it is referring to the movie "Transformers."

Unknown said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing!