Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prayer Works

The above picture was taken after our little Elijah decided it was time to harvest his pepper plant. (To read the whole story, click here to be taken over to my hubby's blog.)

And this happy face you see above is one we are seeing a lot more of in our house recently. I wrote this post about Elijah and our trouble with his sleep just about one week ago. And since I posted that post and asked for prayer and received all sorts of comments and emails offering encouragement and prayer, our life has been transformed.

Elijah has gone to sleep nearly every night with very little drama. It's been amazing. He still gets upset a bit when we tell him it is bedtime and still needs to go potty. But he stays in control of his emotions. He does not go hysterical. And when he wakes up in the night to go to the bathroom, it may be more frequent then we like, but it is controlled and he is content.

I am so amazed at how God cares about the little things. Even after a trip out of town, we returned to sweet dreams -- all of which has given me great hope about our trip back to the U-S of A in a few short weeks.

Please keep praying for Eli. And add Abigail to your prayer list too. She is fighting a DOOZY of a cold and is having to sleep in her swing so she can breathe better.


Unknown said...

Prayers do work. So happy Elijah is doing better. And praying for Abigail too!

Anonymous said...

I hope Elijah enjoyed every bite of that pepper!! He is so proud of it and took such good care of it.
Loved John's post about that!