Thursday, January 05, 2012

A great start to 2012

I have been really struggling, with Veronica leaving, in figuring out how in the world I can exercise. Here is my current list of excuses:
  • I cannot go in the early a.m. as JB has to work out then.
  • I cannot go in the early a.m. as the kiddos are up to early for me to go without leaving them with JB as he tries to get ready for work.
  • I do not want to go after JB gets home because that is the only time we have together as a family. 
  • I also do not want to go after the kiddos go to bed as that is the only time I get with just JB. And I am just plum exhausted.
So where does that leave me? Well, our gym on Base has a room that you can put kiddos in. Here is my current excuses for not using that notion:
  • If I tried to put all three of mine in there, I feel that my chances of success are very poor. All three not crying, not having to go to the bathroom, and not killing each other on the other side of the glass while I exercise? Not likely. And I worry I'd just leave frustrated.
I used to always go out in my jogger. My new excuse for that is that:
  • It only seats two and I have three.
But then I saw this video on Facebook, below, and I realized that I was attempting an all-or-nothing attitude. For the first time in my post-basketball life, I just don't feel like exercising. I am just so tired. So busy. So exhausted. And it is very difficult to figure out a time to do it. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't do anything. After watching this video, I have decided that I am going to try and schedule at least 30 minutes of SOMETHING every day. It doesn't have to be an intense work-out. It can be running around in the grass with the kids. Walking the jogger with Abigail in the baby carrier on my chest. Walking Abigail with the boys riding their bikes. Jogging on the weekend. Anything I'd like -- just ... something.

This video seems like it would be boring. But it isn't. It's awesome. Inspiring. Give it nine minutes of your time, and then join me in staying healthy.


Tiffany said...

Wow. VERY impressive. That was really an eye-opener. Hopefully that was the kick in the bum I needed to get off the couch and be more active. Thank you for sharing!

nicole said...

Yikes. Thanks so much for sharing. I absolutely HATE going to the gym; it makes me feel like a lab rat (running in place, surrounded by glass walls). I'd much rather be playing ultimate frisbee or volleyball or...anything! Boston weather isn't very conducive to playing outside for several months of the year, and my acid reflux used to get in the way often. Of course, I've discovered that I'm really good at making excuses for not working out in general. We even bought yoga mats to use at home (and downloaded an iPhone yoga app) a few weeks ago. Total time used = 1.

I've got to do better, even with baby. Life's not going to get any simpler. And we aren't getting any younger. Thanks for the inadvertent kick in the bum :-)

Gabbs said...

what about a treadmill, so you can run IN the house early a.m. when John is out working out, too?

TAV said...

We have a home elliptical and I LOVE it!