Monday, January 16, 2012

At six months old, Abigail is ...

  • Rolling all over the room.
  • Sitting up with pillows around her.
  • Not crawling but rolling to her intended destination.
  • Chattering like CRAZY. Her favorite "word" is Da-da for sure.
  • Taking approximately three naps per day.
  • A great sleeper! Usually down from 7pm to 7am without exception.
  • Going with the flow. She just seems to accept that she is one of many in our house.
  • In love with her brothers and doggie, but especially with Isaac. She lights up every time he comes anywhere near her.
  • Preferring mom to anyone else.
  • An explosive pooper. We usually have blow-outs a few times a week.
  • Drinking 4-8 ounces per feeding; usually doing about five feedings a day.
  • Still swaddling to sleep at night.
  • Loves to be held.
  • Not showing any major stranger anxiety. Although she does seem to prefer mom.
  • Using a pacifier.
  • Sucking all her fingers, especially her thumb.
  • Spinning her right hand all the time.
  • Wearing size 6-9 or 9 month clothes.
  • Starting to eat rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and various pieces of fruit (apple, orange, and bananas). 
  • Abigail is currently 17.9 pounds (77th percentile); She is 26.9 inches in length (79th percentile) and her head is 45.2 (97th percentile.)
  • Want to compare her to her brothers? Here you go: 
  • Here was Isaac at six months.
  • Here was Elijah at six months. 
Here's a few pictures of our little gal:

Here's where baby started out. Doggie joined her for some bonding time. Soon, doggie got sick of getting kicked in the face and moved to where you see him in picture #2 below.

In this picture, our little lass has demonstrated her ability to move. She rolled all the way over to Scrubs to play with his tail. (Scrubs is such a good sport. He really just has the look on his face all the time that says, "Okay. If you must.")

I also thought I would put up a picture of Hatice's daughter Tugba with Abigail. The Turks LOVE children, especially babies. Men, women, children. It doesn't matter. It is totally normal (and expected) for someone to take your child from you while you are eating or anywhere you go. I can't even imagine someone in the USA doing this ... especially a man. But I truly can't imagine anyone not doing it when we go out in Turkey.


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