Friday, January 13, 2012

Prayers (and smiles)

To call the fact that we had our second peaceful night in a row after I asked for prayers, seems too amazing to be a coincidence. Second night. Elijah ent to sleep sweetly. Got up in the middle of the night only two times to use the potty and both times he was cool and calm. Praise the Lord!

There are other things causing me to smile right now.

Firstly. I thank the Lord for beautiful clouds which my eldest son reminded me of. I walked outside yesterday to thick Turkish smog. The air quality here is poor since everyone burns their trash and seeing it made me miss home a little bit more. As I was silently remarking to myself about how tired I was of smoggy air, Isaac joined me outside and said, "Mom, look at the beautiful clouds. God makes everything perfect." What a reminder!

Another funny Isaac thing. He found a thick black string yesterday and brought it to me saying, "Look Mommy. I found one of Veronica's hairs." Yep. Only blondes in this house now. (And JB who shaves his head!)

He also told me today, "This apple slice tastes like apple juice." Really?

And Elijah makes us laugh too. When he came out of the bathroom today I asked him, "Did you go poopy?" His reply? "I didn't went poopy." I love how kids mess those things up! It's so what I do with the Turkish language too.

Here's some other videos that maybe only the gramas would love.

Lest I leave Abigail out, here are a few videos of her talking like crazy: Talker 1 and Talker 2. You can also see some of her wrist twirling in the second video. When I went to Spain before she was born we went and saw some Flamenco dancing in Spain, and Abigail went crazy in the womb. Angelica says she is going to be a flamenco dancer!

Abigail is moving around on the floor like a mad woman. She isn't exactly crying, but she will roll all over the place -- from one of the side of the big carpet in our living room to the other.

Here's a few other videos we've taken recently:

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