Saturday, January 21, 2012

AFN ... may I grumble?

I don't ask for much.
I'm not real demanding.
Just a few little things
Can make me quite happy.

I like chocolate and reading
and sports and the like.
Especially tennis
Not playing ... just watching.

So imagine my frustration
With my TV in Turkey.
The channels. They change.
Random ... all of a sudden.

I'm watching tennis
and then VH1 is the topic.
They switch ... in the middle.
And the match? It ain't done.

I don't watch TV ...
Not much at all.
Outside of cartoons ...
Of course ... silly Mommy.

But tennis I love.
And the 'casters they'll say,
"Coming up next ..."
And then it all goes away.

Please oh please.
My dear country of Turkey ...
My dear Air Force Base ...
AFN you are screwy!

The channels are few
And most are in Turkish.
But can the few that we have
Just run a show to completion?

I'm off now to sulk
And complain to who'll listen
Even though I know
That it'll only frustrate me.

All I ask of you Turkey ...
Okay it's not all.
I have other complaints ...
And they're mounting up tall.

But today it's just tennis
So please put it back on.
Thank you for listening.
I'm done. And that's all.

-- From a sad Australian Open watcher in Turkey who discovered after writing this that while the channel she was watching quit playing tennis, another channel picked it up and she felt much better.

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