Saturday, January 21, 2012

More snow pics

Here are a few more pics of our fun time in the snow this past weekend. It is so amazing to me that it can be snowing so much just three hours from me. That doesn't resonate with this South Floridian at all!

The first day I stayed back at the hotel for the first part of the trip with Abigail and Christina's little Grayson (who is three months old.) After a bit, she came and switched with me. These pictures were taken while I was back in the room with the babies. I was so glad Christina captured what I wasn't there to see!

Checking out the sledding hill
Best buds
Who needs sledding?! Elijah, Braden (Tommy and Christina's son) and Isaac playing outside the hotel.

Isaac LOVES to find big chunks and throw them at people. This is so his personality.
Daddy and boys down the sledding hill.
Trying to enlist Elijah's help pulling his brother up the big hill.
 There's an automatic conveyer belt under the covered bridge (at left) but it was broken for the first part of the morning. So up the long hill on foot they went! I was lucky. When it was my turn to come out, the belt was fixed! I couldn't imagine anything bigging worth walking up that hill.

On the second day, the weather was not good so there was no opportunity for sledding. We got the boys all warmed up to go outside and play. Braden (front) went for hours! But our boys barely made it 30 minutes before they were too cold to play anymore.
Little Elijah (pretty cold already here) with his friend Braden making a tunnel.

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