Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lajes Field (Azores)

Terceira Island in the Azores

Somehow, our time in Turkey is coming to an end. And that means getting ready for somewhere new. Here's what we now as of today:
  • We will be moving to the Azores sometime in June.
  • We will most likely live off-Base. 
  • It looks like, for the money we get to live, we can get a fairly good-size home. (4+ bedrooms, 2+ bath, 2000+ square feet.) We can even get a place with a pool. 
  • Scrubs will, of course, go with us.
  • We will move straight from Turkey to the Azores. No stops back in the U.S.
  • Pre-school is FREE in the Air Force. We are generally not preschool people, but we are contemplating putting them in a Portuguese preschool so that they can learn the language at a pivotal time in their childhood. 
  • Lajes field is the name of the Base we are moving to. It is located on the island of Terceira, shown below:

  • Our friends Nick and Kristy and their sons Noah and Jonah as well as Nick's mother, live in the Azores already. They also have two dogs: Sasha and Max. Nick and Kristy are thrilled with their life there. If you remember, Nick was a resident at Eglin one year before JB and was then in Turkey one year before JB. We are following them around the world!

  • There are only two docs at the Azores. John will be one. Nick will be the other. There is no pediatrician so JB will be seeing children, and Nick will obviously be our children's doctor. I believe there is also a women's health doctor that I can go and see.
Any other questions? Let me know and I'll post an answer. I cannot give exact details of our moving dates, etc. But I can answer general questions or things about our life there.


Anonymous said...

That is very exciting news. Can't wait to hear more about your comings and goings from Turkey to the Azores! Good luck to you all!
-Diana from BC

Anonymous said...

Much different landscape from Turkey. It looks gorgeous there.


Anonymous said...

Hope you love it as much as I did. I lived there from 97-99 and much has changed, but no doubt much is the same. It is wonderful on the island, all the nature, villages, swimming holes, experiences, culture and people. It looks like pictures, an idyllic paradise but also with liveliness of Angra and street bullfights. I also lived off base and would not trade that, because it was great to be amid the culture day to day.

Anonymous said...


Well by now you have been in the Azores for about 6 months! I went to high school there in the late 70s and I am sure much has changed since then. It was a culture shock as I stepped off the plane.

Its a beautiful place and you will find that friends you make there will be lifelong. The people are friendly and vibrant. I will always hold the Azores as my second home....and the die for!

Enjoy your time and take in all the culture and island has to offer. I still look back on my time there with a smile :)


Dave Crichton said...

I was stationed at Lajes waaaay back in 1967. From pics/comments/videos I've watched and read, so much has changed much is the same. Aside from the miserable winter weather, it was a beautiful place to be and......the Golf Course was amazing. All the best to all of you stationed "On The Rock" :)