Thursday, January 12, 2012

One good night

People wonder if prayer works. I posted this blog. I got tremendous encouragement and comments. And then, the night went unbelievably well. Elijah went to sleep calmly, in his own bed without getting up even one time. He got up three times during the night, but each time was relaxed and calm with no breakdowns. One time doesn't make a trend, but it sure was an answer to prayer.

So many people offered so much good advice, that I wanted to take the time to respond to some of the advice and questions. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE AND PRAYERS! IT IS SO APPRECIATED. 

To Jennifer: Yes, we do think Elijah being so young might be part of the issue. Unfortunately he is currently refusing to go in a pull-up. But your idea that it might work after a few nights is a good one and something we are keeping in mind. I would totally be okay with the pull-up returning if he was.

To the Melatonin fans (there were a lot of you): Unfortunately, JB is not a fan of this based on the fact that there are no long-term studies with children.

To the people in the fear camp: We agree. We do think this might be a fear thing. We just can't get him to articulate what it is. We continue to ask him and continue to keep in mind that this might be psychological, not physical.

To the people talking about the changes in our lives: We also really agree. We have done some major trips. Veronica has left. Joni came and went. We are getting ready to move to the Azores. We are getting ready to make a trip back to the U.S.A. New sister. There's a lot going on here, and we definitely think this could be part of what is going on.

To those who had no advice but just prayer and encouragement: Thank you -- that is just as valuable right now.

To all the leaving him in pull-ups fans: We agree that this work and we would be fine with it, but he is having nothing of it. He doesn't want to go in it AT ALL! We wish he did. But Jennifer (above) suggested trying for a few nights in a row, and this is a possibility.

To Willy's Auntie: I really liked the idea of the potty chair in the room. Not a bad idea at all and something to consider. They don't use the potty chair anymore so I am not sure it would work, but it is a really great idea! We do cut off drinks at 5pm -- more than 2 hours before bedtime. (Although we realized he is drinking a lot of water in the bath even though we are telling him not to.) I also agree that he may just not be tired. We have tried removing the nap, making bedtime later, etc. and it doesn't seem to make a difference at this point. We also ask him during the day and he is currently not able to articulate anything substantial.

To those who suggested a UTI: We have considered it, but JB is convinced that isn't the issue. The kid does drink a lot. However, this is something we are keeping an eye on.

To Mommacomma: Loved the idea about books that encourage good sleep! Great idea! I never though about that. Also, you asked if Isaac had any ideas as to why Elijah isn't sleeping. We have asked him. He usually says, "He just wouldn't stop crying," or something else similar. Nothing substantial there yet. I also liked your idea of straight up asking him, "Do you really need to pee or something else bothering you?"

To the later bedtime proponents: We've tried it. Not noting much improvement in that one.

To the bedtime routine encouragers: We definitely have one. The boys read books with JB in our bed for about 30 minutes. They get picky back rides to bed. We pray and talk to them while they are in bed. We have tried cuddling, etc. with no major improvements.

To the growth spurt thinkers: I think this might actually be the case! The kid has all of a sudden shot up. All of his pants are too short. This is a mighty good thought.

To Bethany: Like the idea of using "sitting in the room" as a reward. That's a good one!

To Monkey Momma: No bubble baths on a regular occasion. We are with you in that school of thought.

To Anonymous regarding night terrors: We agree. This could be it.

To Denise: Love your encouragement. Anyone who has triplet boys is someone I will listen closely to. We have taken away his reasons. We keep a box of kleenex by the bed. We let him do a long "poopy" before bed. We tuck in his blanket perfectly etc. We have a noisemaker. (We travel with those babies!) We have a nighttime routine. Loved the idea about Scrubby sleeping in his room. Scrubby would sleep in his room if we let him. He'd sleep in his bed if we let him. However, that dog shakes too much and wakes up the whole house when he does that!

To anonymous with the Germany question: This all seemed to begin when we were in Germany on our trip with the Kit grandparents. It started then and got worse. He was fine when we were "storknesting" in Germany.

To Faith: Yes, currently ... way worse than any newborn issues we had.

To anonymous suggesting we sleep with him: Unfortunately with 3 kiddos, we really can't do that because someone has to get Abigail to sleep etc. But we have discussed figuring out a way to do this if it comes down to it.

To anonymous (Holly?) suggesting comfort items in bed: I really like this idea. He has a few things, but this is a good idea to see if something else would make him more comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

So glad it was a peaceful night! I hope it keeps up!

Katie Capps said...

Hey Wendi! Just read your post about Elijah and his sleep troubles. I am sure it might take some effort to get one, but have you treid one of the nightime soothers for kiddos that can connect to their beds? Each of my boys have one and they have been great to getting all of our kiddos to sleep through the night. It is a small thing that buckles to the side of the bed/crib. We started using one with each of the boys around 6 months. Following the normal bedtime routine (when we get them in their beds), we push the button and the machine plays music and gives off a nightlight for about 10 minutes. It is very soothing and has like 10 options for songs/sounds (rainforest, rain, water, etc).

Our twins sleep in the same room and they each have one connected to their cribs. They are not even a year old yet, but they have learned to push the button if they want music or light (but it is not distracting enough to the other kiddo across the room). Charlie (who is nearly 4) still uses his and will always turn it on as he is falling asleep because of the calming effect. I have fallen asleep with it too on occasion when I have laid with him .. there is just something soothing about it. And, many times, Charlie will wake in the middle of the night. He will hit the button and it turns back on for a few minutes and it is enough to comfort him and keep him in his bed all night. If you want more info I would be happy to send you a link to the ones we have.

Lots of prayers though to you! I know how it is with three kiddos --two babies at one time has been challenging, but they are doing awesome with their night sleeps!!!


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that last night went better. A better nights sleep makes for a better day. Continuing to pray.


Anonymous said...

I would consider a weighted blanket.
And ask him to draw a picture of himself at night.