Sunday, January 08, 2012

More fusterations

I should have posted my #4 fusteration on the last post.

So here is my addendum.

4. And that is Base-wide power outages.

I don't get it. Why do you choose to have a Base-wide power outage during the week? Why does it have to be from 8a-2p? Why couldn't it be on a weekend, when our spouses are at home and we could go off-Base together and do something? Why couldn't it be in the middle of the night when we are sleeping anyways? Or couldn't they do it during nap time? Or why not start it at 3pm so that school doesn't have to get cancelled for both days.

[Hard to believe I lived a month in Nigeria with no electricity or running water, isn't it?]

But I think my fusteration with this stems from the fact that things here, in this country, and on this Base, just do not seem logical. They don't make sense. JB and I have a saying living here. If you start a sentence with, "Why do you think they ..." you just shouldn't ask the question. Because there won't be a good answer.

Second part of power outage woes. Why do they have to do two in one week? We are having a power outage this week on Monday and Thursday. Six hours both days. I don't get it. I really don't.

And the extra generators they have? Why do they give one to Starbucks? Really?

I'm confused. I'm sure there is a good explanation but ... okay, I think that's the problem. I'm really not sure there is a good explanation.

I wrote a post last year about the difficulties in living here. And by here I mean in this country and on this Base.

Let me set the record straight. I love living here. I don't regret it for a second. Moving in May will be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Really! The community on the Base is something that I know will never be equalled. A group of people, forced to live in close proximity with no family anywhere around. It's amazing. And the Turkish culture is one that while not everyone loves, I really do. I love the food. I like the people.

But the military, in general, can be frustrating. Does anyone out there love going to the DMV? That's our life in Groundhog Day fashion. Add to the frustrations of a government-run organization the fact that this Base is not run by OUR government but by the government of Turkey and that we are only guests of this Base as Americans, and the problem is exacerbated hugely.

Some examples:
  • Our Golf course Cafe is closed for five months for rennovations. FIVE MONTHS! This wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that we only have about five places to eat in total on the Base.
  • They have closed each section of the major road on Base for a month. In total, I think the entire road will take them a year to finish. JB's boss asked him the other day if he was missing any spoons. JB had no idea what his boss was talking about. Missing spoons? What? But then his boss said, "Well, if you were missing spoons, I'd tell you where they were. They were in that closed off section of road. Those guys must be using spoons to fix it as long as it is taking."
  • Steps involved. I would not even ask JB to tell you the steps involved in getting a residency permit for Abigail to live in this country. It might cause him to hyperventilate. Nor would I ask him to explain the fact that he went in during the last week of December and was told that because the fees were going up, they were going to make him wait until January to process the final steps and pay. Why he couldn't pay the old rate or at least pay the new rate early, we have no idea.
All right. That's enough for now. I need to post this before the power goes out. Which it should be doing at any minute! No opening my freezer today. Wish all our seafood products good luck!

It is why this is a short assignment (15-24 months). This place is a pressure cooker. The community is wonderful. The travel opportunities incredible. The hours JB works amazing.

But the fusterations have left me feeling a bit ready for my trip home to America in just a few weeks. Good ol' U-S-A here I come!


Dana said...

This post actually made me chuckle. Not because your frustrated of course :) It is because it made me vividly remember hearing my parents talk through the wall at bedtime when I was a kid. I was a Navy-Brat, from before my birth until a few years after I went to college my dad was an active duty member of the Navy. I remember the moves and the frustrations my parents dealt with everyday as members of the armed forces. The military does kind of seem stuck in a Groundhog Day loop, considering the issues you are talking about today in 2012 I remember hearing about in 1980.
Sorry about your frustration but thank you for the smile!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the govt to run my healthcare!....add to that them having to let another govt run them...yikes...i feel with you ...brought back some very vivid memories...if it's any comfort someday some of those memories will make you and those you're telling laugh...i just told one of my getting pulled over by the police stories the other day -and my friends thought i must be superlady! tante jan