Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Heading "home"


We are heading home.

Someone asked me on Facebook where I considered "home" to be.

That's a good question. Our home is obviously in Turkey. Home is with your family. My family is John. Where he is, I am. Where we are, the kids are. Where we all are, is home.

But our heart's home? Our heart's home is back in America. And while we don't like particularly like South Florida (despite being raised there) and don't plan to live there again, because nearly all of our family lives there, that is our "home" right now.

And, I can't believe it. But, we heading home in just a few short weeks.

Originally, we did not think we would go home before next fall (2012). The reason is that JB used up all his leave when I had to go to Germany for longer than expected to have Abigail. He has no leave, and I didn't think I could make the trip with all the kids by myself. So that meant, none of us would go home until Thanksgiving or Christmas of this year.

However, JB has two week-long TDY's (tour of duties -- in other words a job at another place) in February. He would be gone for half the month anyway. I missed our family terribly. I could go home for a month.

The only catch? I'd have to go by myself with all three kids.

And I'm going to do it.

Am I scared? Yes.

Will I succeed. Yes.

I have asked people to pray, and I have prayed that the Lord would order my steps and bring people along my path to help me. Already, we have seen the Lord's providence at work.

Firstly, a friend from Turkey who now lives in Washington D.C. has offered to help me both on my arrival and return. (The military flight ends in DC -- at which point we will have to board a commercial flight to South Florida.)

In addition, a woman here, who is a patient of JB, heard about our trip and said that "he has been such a great doctor, I'd just love to repay the favor." If our trips coincide, she offered to help me with the flight from here to DC. How cool is THAT? I had a few other people tell me that they too, if on our flight, would be more than willing to help us.

More on that trip later. But I'm excited. Very excited. We haven't been back to America in nearly two years. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

It'll also be Abigail's first time in the country of which she is a citizen. How crazy is that?

Have I mentioned that I cannot wait?!

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Emily said...

That is awesome! I'll be praying for smooth and safe travels for you all!