Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cozumel, Mexico Snaps

Well today has been a good day. Because of Ida, the Clinic was closed down today. So, JB did not have to work! He did a lot of email from home, but we were able to get unpacked and reorganized, or at least attempt it, together. In addition, he has tomorrow off as well in celebration of Veteran's Day! This sure is a nice way to return from vacation.

Ida ended up basically completely missing us. It's been overcast and dreary but otherwise, non eventful.

Yesterday's drive went amazingly well from deciding at the last minute to leave and throwing everything in the van and taking off. We took one hour long stop at Chik-fil-A, but then, when it started raining, and we realized that we wanted to get Scrubs that evening, we decided not to make another big stop again. We did the trip in nine and a half hours. We thought it would take more like twelve. The boys were utterly fantastic.

Truth be told, I did not take our camera out on our Mexico trip until the very last day. I thought of it a lot but was just a bit lazy. So these pictures taken on the last day are really rainy and windy due to Ida's passing of Cozumel. Here they are nonetheless:

This picture shows our scuba shop (closed for the storm) and the dock that we took off from.

You can see the change in color in the water here which is where the reef is. Cozumel is part of the Great Maya Barrier Reef, a system that extends from the Northern Yucatan to Honduras and is the second largest in the world.

Here's a pic of the pool outside our hotel. It was a gorgeous temperature during our entire trip with the wind coming off the water and the chairs were actually protected from the rain under the thatched umbrellas.

This is the open hallway leading to our room. Our room is on the right.

Here I am in my favorite spot -- the chair/hammock outside of our room. I spent a lot of the week right here reading, listening to the wind and waves. It was fantastic!

A view from our balcony.

The only picture of the two of us that JB took on our last day while waiting for our taxi to take us to the airport. They had these great lounge chairs in the lobby -- we loved them!

I wanted to once again thank you all for the prayers and encouragement we received during our trip surrounding our travel, the storm, and the death of Nelly. It meant the world to me. We are both doing very well. I am still having trouble sleeping due to rethinking the event, but John tells me that this will get better. I am making peace with what happened slowly. I would appreciate you to continue to pray for me as I deal with the "what-ifs" surrounding her death. I continue to try to change the end of the story in my mind by doing something different in the water. I know with the Lord's help, I will find a way to deal with this tragedy and place it properly in my mind, but for now, I am still learning.

Anyways, I'll be doing other posts on this later I am sure. For now, just a thank you.


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