Saturday, November 28, 2009


We have now trained Scrubs to wait in the kitchen while we all eat. Whenever we call him, he can then run out and eat whatever is on the floor before returning to the kitchen. We often do this near the end of the meal, before we get Elijah out and put him down. We don't want anything on the floor with Elijah on the floor because it all goes directly in his mouth.

So . . . last night during dinner, we did our normal Scrubs routine. My niece Grace is seven years old and as precocious as they come. As he was eating the food she started giggling and said, "That Scrubby . . . he's like a vacuum cleaner. Except you don't have to empty him out."

We all laughed really hard at that one.

After the fam left and we all got naps, we headed out to run some holiday errands. In the car on the way back home, I was talking to JB and said, "No, seriously." To our great surprise, Isaac repeated the word seriously nearly perfectly from his car seat. We thought it was just coincidence but he followed it up by repeating it over and over and over again. He then repeated Wendi when JB called me that. We have decided that we need to start being very careful with the words we use and the tones we use. Crap needs be eliminated completely from my vocabulary so I'm working on that. I also often say, "Ugggghhhh" when something isn't going my way. Isaac has started to repeat that. And my deep sighing. Need to work on that too so my little guys don't get my bad habits.

And while Elijah hasn't said anything particularly funny, the kid just cracks us up non-stop. He is now nearly completely a walker, although he can't do it in shoes very well yet. He also is so unbelievably passionate and goofy. Aunt Elizabeth gave him a plastic cup this morning which he began attempting to tear apart with amazing zest and effort -- his face showing how hard he was working. I wish I could find the words to explain his personality on the blog -- but I guess those of you who don't know him close up will just have to meet him in person.

Anyways, off to eat some dinner and watch a movie. The boys and Scrubby are already in bed.

Night all!


Kim said...

It's crazy what these kids repeat! My daughter's favorite pharase right now is "Excuse me, Ma'am?!" I guess I tell her that alot when she does something she shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

It's very true, they repeat everything. I used to use the word "crap" a lot too, and we've had to try hard to eliminate it. Also, everything in our house is "silly" instead of stupid. Wait till he gets older and starts role playing more. It's pretty eye opening when you hear them "disciplining" their dolls and toys. I often hear Hannah say, "duck you aren't listening very well, you're going to have to have a time out!" :)


Anonymous said...

Can you say "flatulate???"


AW said...

Wendi, we too have to be VERY careful with what we say around JK. He is a parrot! The other day I couldn't find one of my shoes. After about 5 minutes of frantic searching in the house, I finally stood by the front door and said, "Shoot. Where'd it go?" Next thing I know, I hear, "Shoot. Shoot. Shoot!" by the little parrot. N gave me the evil eye from across the room and I was very humbled. (Usually I'm fussing at him! LOL!) So now I am very aware of what comes out of my mouth.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Wait till they roll their eyes and don't even know they are doing it!
I hate that! This laugh was GREAT!!