Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look who's one and a half!

On the 7th, Isaac turned one and a half years old. Eighteen months! Due to our trip, I am just getting the blog up now. In celebration of eighteen amazing months in all of our lives, here are some of the current highlights in Isaac's life:
  • Starting to eat from a fork (thanks Grama Di!)
  • Has gotten a little "goofier" -- as if he has found a sense of humor. Just silly and trying to make us laugh a lot.
  • Saying tons of words. Some are not extremely clear, but everyday he is learning more. Newest ones include: cheese, seat, and bird.
  • Still loves Mickey Mouse. He also now tries to talk like Donald Duck (thanks again Grama Di!)
  • Loves all animals, especially dogs.
  • Recognizes faces in pictures now. Can recognize many of his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins now. Also will say "Beeeeee" when he sees Bri!
  • Still a big fruit eater. He will eat other things but this is his best food.
  • Loves to go outside.
  • Loves to push anything and everything that he can (including his brother).
  • Loves cars and anything with wheels.
  • Loves to go on walks.
  • Loves walking on different textures.

These are just a few things. I'll probably add some more when I think about them. To see we are incredibly blessed to be Isaac's Dad and Mom is a huge understatement. We love this kid to pieces and everyday we thank the Lord that Bri picked us. We are so lucky.


grama di said...

I love my Isaac....o yes I.....
Happy 1/2 birthday!

Amy T. S. said...

Love it.

Gosh, Wendi, I did not know everything you have just been through. I hope you're doing OK.

Man, those boys are cute! It just gets better and better!

Anonymous said...

Love you little guy! It was so much fun to spend time with you-you are growing up so fast and learning so many new things:)See you soon-
grandma k

Gabbs said...

It's so funny, the other day I was tickling Nate and Nate was laughing like crazy, and Isaac heard Nate laughing and thought maybe he should be laughing too and just started cracking up. It was cute. His sense of humor is definitely starting to show.