Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The pic above is stolen from our resort´s website. This isn´t our room, exactly, but it´s the closest one I could find to the room we are staying in. Our room is on the second floor so we have a balcony. Did I mention there is a hammock on the balcony? Heavenly.

The entire resort is open-air. The lobby, the hallways, everything. You are only inside if you are in your room or in a few of the restaurants. It´s amazing. The people are incredibly helpful and nice. I´m practicing a bit of my Spanish, but it´s really not needed. Everyone here speaks very good English.

Last night there was a welcome reception for the conference attendees. I met some other really fantastic women who were here with their husbands as well. Two of them did their first dives yesterday. They were very encouraging and told me that it would be wonderful and I would not be disappointed. They did tell me they went down to eighty feet. This caused me to catch my breath. I don´t plan on going to eighty feet let me tell you. But they said they didn´t even realize they were there. Hmmmm, not so sure about that.

We had a wonderful breakfast this morning. I am attempting to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables whenever the opportunity avails itself knowing that I`ll be pigging out quite a bit. The food is as fantastic as the rooms and the views and the hammock and the slippers and the robes and everything else.

Right now, JB has started his morning conference sessions. I, am doing a little bit of computer time before heading back to my hammock for some more reading. I also plan to hit the workout center at some point this morning. That`ll help alleviate my guilt for all the food I am, and plan, to eat.

As for books, I just finished The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks which wasn´t on my list but was given to me by a friend the day before I left. I enjoyed it. It wasn´t as good as some of his other books, but it was a good read on the plane nonetheless. I am now about halfway through Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. So far, it´s a FANTASTIC read. It´s one of the reasons I need to hurry up and get off the computer so I can return to my book.

As for my boys, both Gramas and Joanie are sending me daily emails and Joanie is sending me pictures so I feel completely in the loop. I miss them like crazy but am so blessed to have this time to relax, that I can overlook how badly I wish I was with them. I soooo needed this vacation!

After lunch today we are off for our first two dives. Wish me lotsa luck.


Joia said...

I can't really put into words how green (with envy) I am feeling right now... =) The hotel, the hammock, the time to read, the beach, the diving, the food... wow! You sooo deserve this, Wendi! =)

yuan family said...

I am glad you are having a great time. Conference food is hard to pass up! Good luck on your'll do great!

Kelli said...

So glad you are enjoying every relaxing minute!! Good luck on the dive!!

David and Lesley said...

Good luck! Your vacation sounds FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

What resort are you at??? We are planning a trip in February and that looks great!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Here is a link to where we are