Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dives 1 and 2 completed

Yesterday afternoon we did dives one and two. I only have a few moments as we are doing our third and fourth dives this morning.

The assessment so far? It was beautiful. Felt like I was swimming in a salt water fish tank. The second dive got started a bit late and it ended up being pitch black by the time we surfaced. That, I would prefer to never do again. While I am not infatuated with the sport, I have told JB that I can see why people do it. It was magnificent. I do not think I´d become obsessed with diving, but I could see me doing it now and again when the opportunity availed itself. It was MUCH MUCH MUCH better than our practice dives and considerably easier as we weren´t being tested. We just had to dive. I could also feel my improvement from dive 1 to dive 2.

We had dinner last night with two other couples in our dive group. I am looking forward to diving again this morning, but will be glad for a few days of a morning and afternoon with nothing to do. Today, after we dive, JB will return to a p.m. session of his conference. I, will return to a p.m. session of my book and a nap and everything else relaxing.

Oh and JB got stung by a jelly fish yesterday. Really bad. His whole leg was red and burning. But, they had like five docs on board so not to worry! This morning, his leg looks good as new.

All right, bon voyage. Off to our dive boat!

P.S. I continue to get daily updates from the Moms and Joan. I love them! So does JB. We read them each evening together. It sounds like the boys are having a fantastic time. I miss them but know this is good for all of us! They are getting spoiled and kissed and loved on like crazy and I am getting totally rested!!


The Woodfords said...

So glad things are going well with you, and that the 1st two dives went well. Enjoy your next two today! =)

yuan family said...

Congrats on your succesful dives! I am glad that you are having a good time.