Saturday, November 14, 2009

My happy list

There are many things to be happy about today. They include:

1. Family times: Moriah and Chloe's joint birthday party today at Lincoln Park was a smashing success! I'll post more pictures of it tomorrow. But for now, here is one which indicates our fantastic family ability to all look at the camera for a photo at the same time.

2. Our military: No matter what your stance on the war or our government, there is one thing that we can all agree on and that is that we owe our lives to those men and women who dedicate their lives so that we can be free. Our niece Grace sent JB and Uncle Matt (U.S. Army reserves) this picture on Veteran's Day. Click on it to see how she worded her thanks. What a sweetie pie she is.

  • Hearing from Kelsey: I finally got a letter from one of my dearest friends, Kelsey who is training to be a nun at a convent in Nashville. She is very limited on how often she can write (I think she can write non-family two times a month -- don't they know she and I are sisters?!), and apparently she put off writing me a "real" letter because I had told her I was going to send brownies and she thought she could send me a thank-you note instead. Only I never sent the brownies so I kept getting bumped to the next month. Ha! Anyways, I did a happy dance when JB brought her letter in from the mail. I've been trying to write her once a week, and I include copies of some of my blogs. Kelsey was never a great blog reader so she joked in her letter that it took not having Internet to get her to read my blogs. Anyways, I am so enjoying the long-lost-art of letter writing with my little sister! She's doing wonderfully and so enjoying living a life of poverty and prayer.
  • K-love! I'm not sure if it is new or if I just found it, but we can now pick-up 95.7 K-love. I had been very frustrated since we moved here because the only Christian radio station we could find played some much more adult contemporary music than JB and I like. However, now we've got something much more in-line with our youthful spirits! Yipee!
  • My dog: JB said I ought not to write this in danger of jinxing it, but Scrubby has been sooooo good since we got back from Mexico. Honestly, he's turned into a regular dog, just laying around, playing a bit, and not being nearly as annoying as he sometimes can. I've really enjoyed him this last week. Praying that this means he is totally out of his puppy-stage. I know some people want their dogs to stay puppies forever, but in Scrubs' case, growing up is preferred. After dog camp, he was so tired that Isaac played trains on his back for nearly 30 minutes!
  • My husband: He truly is the perfect man for me. I feel like I really fell in love with him all over again in Mexico. Not that I didn't still love him of course, I just fell more in love with him. He is such a wonderful father and amazing help to me and the boys. Right now he is in the living room playing legos with Isaac. People ask me how I do it with two boys so close in age and a dog that requires more work than the average pup. I have a few tricks but the real trick is that I have a husband who helps me more than I deserve. I love him so much.
  • My boys: I fall more in love with each of them everyday and for totally different reasons. Isaac and his sweet spirit, gentle nature, tender smile, and innocence. And Elijah for his curiosity, passion, and never ending spastic glee. They make my heart dance every time I think of them and kiss and hug them. Even on the hard days and the long days. I am so blessed by our two miracles.

There is so much more but I need to put Isaac to bed. Night all!


Anonymous said...

Grace is a sweeetie pie and spent a lot of time on this but her words or at least part of them were from a song her teacher taught her (that she kept singing and singing and singing)Not sure of the origin but it sure has meaning:)and I know Grace will never forget what Veteran's Day means!
grandma k

mom h said...

Hey!!! I put on a Christian station on the internet a couple of days and I think it was you Love station! The internet can be a beautiful thing! Loveyou! Have a great week end.