Sunday, November 08, 2009


We are in Houston. Due to the storm, we left Cozumel late and missed our 4pm connection in Houston. The next flight wasn't until 7pm. So we are waiting for that in the Houston USO room. We are going to be getting back so late that we will not be able to get to Orlando tonight as we had planned. JB is suppposed to be back at work on Tuesday, but with Ida narrowing in on the panhandle, everything is up in the air. I'll keep you all posted.

Thanks for all your prayers during the trip. It was life changing with Nelly's death, but it was also a very great vacation for JB and myself. We got the rest and reconnection that we really wanted. It was a very relaxing trip. I have read four books so far, and as promised, book reports will follow!

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Anonymous said...

So happy you will be home soon!! (been weather watching and praying all day!)...may as well stay in town till the storm passes!I have driven in post hurricane weather and its not fun and actually quite dangerous; blows ya all over the road!..doesnt John get hurricane days at work?? :):) Welocme back to Fl and your sweet boys!! N