Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day two!

Day two is nearly finido!

It was a good day. Here were some of the highlights for those of you who love Keenan or love my boys or just love to read my blog or are bored or nosey or whatever. :)
  • Elijah slept until 6am. Isaac did too. We brought them both into bed with us this morning and the four of us snuggled for about 15 minutes.
  • Keenan joined the party closer to 7an! I think we've tuckered the poor guy out.
  • After Elijah's morning nap, we headed over to Brittny's (again)!
  • I left Isaac and Keenan to play bikes in her driveway and took Elijah, Scrubs, and her dog Brick on a three mile run. It was a lot harder to run two dogs, but we did a good job!
  • Came back to Brittny's and hung out for awhile, letting the kids play inside and the dogs play outside. Poor Brick finally just laid down on his back while Scrubs stood there still wanting to play more. Brick is a golden retriever and just doesn't have quite as much energy as our Scrubby.
  • Everyone came to my house so I could treat to lunch. Pizza, carrots, and apples all around.
  • Brittny and her fam left.
  • Everyone in our house went down for a nap around 12:45pm including me and Scrubby who, due to his play session and run, didn't need Frisbee to tucker him out. When I explained to Keenan that everyone was going to sleep even Christopher and me and Scrubs, he asked me if the dirt was going to sleep too. I wasn't sure how to reply but I told him, "Yes, even the dirt is going to take a nap."
  • Naps were a huge success! Keenan slept until 3:00, Elijah 3:30, and the champion Isaac brought up the rear at 4:00.
  • From about 2:30-4:00, Christopher played with Keenan at our house while Brittny had an appointment. Keenan funny: when he and Christopher started disagreeing about a truck, I took it and told him that all the toys belonged to God. He looked at me and said, "You mean God gave them to us so we could play?" I said yes and his face just LIT up. It was so cute
  • Anyways, they asked me to bring in the little climbing thing from outside so I did. They played like two little boys together, talking, running, wrestling. Other than the disagreement about the truck, it was all love. They had a great time. I took a couple of pics. Love the first one especially.

  • At 4:00, after Christopher had left, I took all three boys out onto the driveway to play with their "bikes." Another Keenan funny here. Scrubby started crying from the kitchen while we were getting our shoes on because he wanted to come too. Keenan said, "What's wrong with Scrubs?" I said that he was sad because I wasn't taking him outside too (adding a dog was just too much at the end of the day.) Keenan said, "I'll make him feel better." He walked over to the gate and said, "It's okay Scrubby. Don't be sad. It's okay." :)
  • Anyways, I held Elijah outside and he did great! We headed in when it started getting dark much to the utter disappointment of Isaac. He was incredibly sad. Keenan, however, took it in stride. Here's a quick pic that I snapped as the sun was setting. I love living on Base where the speed limit is 20 everywhere (and you can get a ticket for going 21). I also love living on such a tiny street. We hardly EVER get traffic.

  • JB came home around 5:30.
  • I left the boys with JB and went to the grocery store for some milk and fruit and also to pick up some Burger King for dinner.
  • Dinner was a HUGE success! Chicken nuggets, french fries, and apples all around.
  • Then it was time to start changing into PJs and diapers and get everyone into bed.
  • Speaking of bed, these pics are from last night but I just wanted to share them. Keenan and Isaac pulled every single book out from the book shelf. While Keenan took a few to the couch to read, Isaac stayed, sitting under all the books reading. When I got him up later, I realized that he was quite wedged in there.
So overall, today was another great success. I am definitely whooped but definitely rewarded in getting three times my normal doses of hugs and snuggles. Keenan is a great hugger and a great little boy. He fits right in!

All righty, off to bed folks. I need my rest for tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

ok, I admit it, I am addicted to your blog! It's like reading a good book-having to put it down and then getting a chance to get in another chapter:)I love it!!
The pictures are so sweet-
You should get all these kids in front of a Christmas tree for a Hallmark card:)
Looking forward to tomorrow's adventures!
Pleasant dreams~
mom k

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I totally agree with Mom K! :) What a blessing for these boys and all you parents! :)

Shambach's said...

I'm a friend of Phil Dooley (from a mission trip back in 2000), so I've found your blog through Joia's. I've enjoyed reading it - you make everything so interesting!