Friday, April 29, 2016

We Bought a Farm: New WWOOFer and lotsa eggs!

Life around Bauernhof Kitsteiner finally slowed a bit the last few days as JB finally had a bit of a break from work. He had just started under new management at the hospital and there were a LOT of hours, A LOT of overtime, and A LOT of learning pains. But we got through it!

We've had a lot of nice dinners at our home the last few nights. We eat outside on the front porch with the mild temperatures, and just can't get enough of the beautiful view the Lord has blessed us with. With JB's parents out of town for this past month, it is just our family of six and the current volunteer. Daniel was great, and now we are throughly enjoying Jordan. He is awesome with the kids. They love him! He made a cake with Abigail and plays all kinds of games with them and involves them in work around the farm. 

As always, we are VERY cautious and are always present when "strangers" are hanging out with our kids. We have strict rules in place that keep the kids always in view of one of their parenst. But we feel if we can be cautious, the trade-off is amazing. Jordan spent half his life in France and half his life in Quebec. The exchange of culture and life stories is so interesting! The majority of people in the world are good people, and we hope that opening our home and sharing Christ's love with people who love permaculture and farming continues to work for us. 

We find our volunteers through three different places:
  1. WWOOF: Stands for world-wide opportunities on organic farms and pairs people interested in what we are doing with people who are doing what we are doing. 
  2. WORKAWAY: This is not limited to farming/gardening. People from all over the world offer up places in their home and room and board in exchange for help.
  3. People that hear of us through JB's blog or people who know us.
Abigail and Mr. Jordan making a carrot cake.

Today Jordan and I attempted to sell our eggs at a small Farmer's market. Sales weren't good, but we met some wonderful people. I continue to try to research and investigate the best way to get our product out. We are going to give the market one more try next week, but it truly seems that direct sales to people who hear of our eggs is the best bet for us. 

Legally, you are supposed to have labels if you sell eggs. So JB designed labels for us. Don't they look great? I especially love that Scrubs is in them -- tucked off on the right side.

A close up of our labels. We put them on previously used cartons.

Here is a view of our table at the market.


Anonymous said...

Heads up - your label has your entire address on it....might want to blur it out for the blog

TAV said...

Love the sign!!