Thursday, April 28, 2016

Did you know ...

.... that a 2.5 year old little sister can put a 4 year old big sister's entire roll of Bubble tape in her mouth in less than 1 second?

Well now you do.

Many tears.

Sent Daddy to the gas station for an emergency stop after his shift at the emergency room.

Crisis averted.

P.S. Speaking of JB's work, he has been absolutely creamed at the hospital the last two weeks. They have made some changes and only have one doctor working now each shift instead of two, and JB not only worked 9 out of 12 days but barely had a free second during any of his shifts. Thank goodness we had the volunteers here, but even with help around the farm, we've been treading water rapidly here. Praising the Lord for three days off in a row to re-group as a family!

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