Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Funnies

Recently in our home, JB has jokingly been telling the kids that he used to be a pirate. He even took a picture of himself (with some photoshop help) to prove his story. It's become a really fun thing in our home. 

Isaac: "Who still thinks Daddy is a pirate?"
Sidge: "I don't."
Abigail: "I do."
Isaac: "He has to have a treasure chest and a ship. Without those, he has no evidence."
Abigail: "But how could he get it here? We have no water."
Isaac: "Pirates are smart. He would have to figure it out."
Abigail: "But all we have are ponds and creeks. Ships can't fit in there."
Isaac: "Excuse me Abigail. Daddy said his ship got sunk in a hurricane or a tornado so we have no evidence."
Abigail: "Daddy double promised me that he was a pirate."
Isaac: "But Daddy could be joking."
Abigail: "He never jokes. Only if we have never heard of that. But we have heard of what Daddy said that time."
Isaac: "Me and Sidgey still don't believe. And almost nothing is going to make us change our mind."
Sidge: "Yep. He is right."
Abigail: "Well, he is still a pirate."
Sidge: "Suit yourself."
Abigail: "What does teach yourself mean? I'm not a teacher. Mama is a teacher."
Sidge: "I said suit yourself."
Abigail: "What does that mean?"
Isaac: "It means go ahead. Be silly if you want to."
Abigail: "But he's still a pirate."


Abigail prayer before bedtime:

"Dear God. Fank you for being the best God in the whole world. And fanks for letting Scrubby come up there and live with you. And fanks for our new puppies. And fanks that we had a new baby lamb tonight that's a girl so we don't have to process her. And fanks that we will get new chickens. And there will be some roosters that we will process but we won't process the hens. Amen."

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