Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Hannah at the movies

These photos may be difficult to see, but let me explain what they are showing. 

Our family went to see Zootopia the other day. Firstly, may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it was completely without inappropriate content, but it was pretty stinkin' close. 

And we loved it.

Secondly may I say that there was no one else at the theater but us! We seriously had the whole theater to ourselves. We hadn't taken Hannah to a movie since we tried Cinderella about a year ago. She did horribly then, but she's been watching more shows at home, and I really thought she might sit through it.

Technically she sat through it. 

In the back row of the theater.

By herself.

What kind of kid does this?

My other kids, especially Abigail, would never have dreamed of sitting in a dark theater completely by themselves in the back row while their family was a dozen rows ahead of them. 

But this isn't my other kids. This is Hannah. She does things her own way. So while we all sat up close to the screen, she watched it in the back row. 

That little pipsqueak! 

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