Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Introducing: The INTERIORISTA!

I am so excited to announce a new weekly column on my Blog from a guest blogger I know and love dearly.

Now I have had many people start a column and often it doesn't stick. Blogging is a big commitment and most people fizzle out. I don't blame them. It's what "trying it out" is all about.

But I am really, really, really hoping that this one sticks around because I think my readers will love this.

My dear friend Angelica is going to be doing a weekly post -- every Thursday! We are calling her The Interiorista which is a play off the fact that she is from Spain.

Here are a few pictures of Angelica so you can get to know her.

With her beautiful family: Rowan (6), Reese (4), and Noah (8) ... and Dan (30-something)

Angelica with her husband Dan


And me and Angelica after the week she spent at my house

Angelica just left from a week here at my home in Tennessee. I am going to show some video later, but let me just say that this chick REVOLUTIONIZED my home. I was truly feeling that this house would never feel like home to me. That I would never love it. I loved my farm. I loved the outdoors. But the inside was just "acceptable."

Until Angelica got a hold of it.

She helped make a few changes in the living that have left my husband and I loving our home! Simply amazing.

I met Angelica when we were stationed together in Turkey. I tell the story of how, truly, she is one of the few times in my life I have felt that I have almost audibly heard the Lord speak to me. I met her husband who was out pushing their two children in a stroller, and I truly felt the Lord say to me: "Listen up Wendi! You need to meet his wife."

The nudging was so intense that later that evening at church, when I saw Dan, I purposefully sought him out and asked him to introduce me to his wife. 

It was basically love at first sight. :)

All that to say, Angelica has been studying interior design and taking classes. She has a love for fashion and flare and decor and wants to use those gifts to help others. 

So every Thursday she is going to popping in here on the Blog to share her expertise! Please encourage her, leave comments, ask questions, and help to make this column great.

Stay tuned. Her first post will be here tomorrow!!

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Rachel and Hans said...

I'm excited about this! Having just purchased our home that we plan to stay in for a long time, I'm going to finally get some furniture that I love and decorate...would love some tips!!