Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Isaac tackles Geography Bee

I am one proud Mama!

Our homeschool co-op held a Geography Bee yesterday. As I have mentioned previously, our Isaac is a Geography nut! (He knows every flag for every country and can place any country in the world where it goes.) It was for kids taking the geography class at the school and in grades 3-8. Isaac is only in first grade and was not in the class, but the teacher said he could participate. He got the study packet and decided to participate. He was nervous but excited.

You can tell from these photos how big these other kids were! 

But despite that, Isaac flew through Round 1 and Round 2. Check out his score nearing the end of Round 1. There he is close to the bottom Right. He answered six right to advance to Round 2.

Unfortunately, Isaac missed a question that he knew the answer to at the start of Round 3. He was pretty upset, but it was a really great learning opportunity for him. He got to participate and understand that it isn't just about answering a question. It's also about overcoming nerves and listening well to the nuances of True and False questions. 

He is already excited to try again next year!

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Ann T said...

What an amazing accomplishment for a first grader. And I am sure he will enjoy preparing for next year, now that he knows what to expect. I predict a strong career in Geography Bees for your little Issac.