Sunday, April 10, 2016

"With You Always"

I'm not sure I can even write this post without crying. Our amazing friends, Shane and Linda Jones, had someone they knew in Germany do this painting for us. Her name is Sharon Graham Smith, and I am linking to her here because she does these paintings for people who want to pay tribute to their special pets.

Not only did they have her paint this, but Shane sneakily had us send him some barn wood from our farm. We thought it was for something he wanted to build for himself and didn't ask any questions. But it was the frame for this picture.

The caption says "With You Always."

Incredibly moved. It looks just like Scrubs, and I am truly in love with this picture. So blessed by such wonderful friends in our life who are supporting me during something that would seem not that big of a deal.

It has been a huge deal to me and how wonderful it has felt to be held up by wonderful people. 

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Joia said...

Oh my gosh!!!! This is So beautiful and touching and perfect! What a precious gift!