Saturday, April 09, 2016

From Shea

You know that friend that is always sort of "hanging" out next to you? Not in a physical sense. You may be very far apart in distance. But that friend that doesn't miss your struggles. They are there when you need them. Okay if you don't need them for a while. They are loyal. They won't let you down. You may not talk for awhile, but if you called, they would come. Without a moment's hesitation.

That's my friend Shea. Shea is one of the most loyal friends a girl could ever have. We met as freshman at Western Kentucky University in 1995. We've been friends ever since. She loves the Lord and has two beautiful boys now. 

Shea sent me the picture above. Needless to say I sobbed opening it. It was absolutely perfect. Absolutely the most perfect thing someone could sent it. 

It is on my list of "things to get out of my house in case of fire."

I love you Shea.

Shea and me with little Isaac in 2008. (I'm about six months pregnant with Sidge here.)

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