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Review: The Trigger Memory Co.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Folks have I got an awesome product up for review today. I mean seriously this product absolutely and completely BLEW ... ME ... AWAY! And, even more than me, this product managed to blow my husband away. My husband is a physician. He is an intellectual at heart. And while I am quick to jump on the bandwagon for things, he is definitely NOT. A product must truly prove itself to my husband and this one did ten times over. This is one that you seriously DO NOT want to miss out on. This is a program called Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. to help my first grade boys learn multiplication.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEWLet me preface this by making a few points. At the time that we received this program to review, my first grade boys were just beginning to learn about multiplication. Isaac had actually started learning a bit of it on his own and did understand the concept quite a bit. However my other son, Sidge, had never even really heard of multiplication. Keep that in mind as you read my review. Sidge (who is the son I will feature in these videos) had never done a single multiplication problem. This was all brand new to him.

So how does this program work? Basically, you purchase the program and receive two thirty minute videos. These videos are focusing on times tables 6 thru 9. These are the ones that are very difficult for kids to learn. The Trigger Memory Co. presents stories that the kids simply watch and listen to. They then practice reciting the stories they learned. Here is Sidge practicing one of his stories:

Kids are encouraged not to try and figure out how this is all going to come together. I think this information is even more suited to the parents. As my husband watched this, he was, without a doubt, a non-believer. He truly didn't see how this was going to produce help in teaching our boys their multiplication tables. I was trying to be positive, but as I watched, I was really wondering if this would work as well as it claimed to work.

In addition to the two videos, there is a set of printables that goes with each set. I had each boy, on his own, watch Video #1 for five straight days. At the end of the five days, I had them take a quiz which was provided in the set of printables.

Here is a sample of one of the practice tests. Notice how they are asking them questions using pictures from the stories. On more advanced quizzes provided in the printables, these pictures are not included.

If I wasn't sure how this would all come together, seeing the results of Sidge's first quiz made me a believer. (And while I am not focusing on Isaac for the sake of this review, his quiz was equally impressive.)

Flashback with me for a moment to when you learned multiplication tables in school. How painful were they? Week after week of quizzing with your parents. Week after week of practicing them and taking quizzes at school and being told you hadn't moved up to the next level. So exhausting!

But here is Sidge. Just one week of watching the video, and you will see the results in the video below. (You will also here Sidge tell you he didn't love the program. This is because both of my boys have decided that they don't love anything related to school work, and they nearly refuse to give me positive feedback on anything. The fact that he didn't say he hated it, is really good!)
I don't want to call this magic because as you watch the videos, it is pretty easy to understand what The Trigger Memory Co. has done to help the child learn the multiplication tables. They have told stories, that stick in the child's head, and those stories translate into memorized facts. 
Can your child learn facts without this program? Of course. However, this program makes it fun! The boys enjoyed the videos and did not complain about them. They had a good time learning these. What more can a mom ask?

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
I think it goes without saying that I am recommending Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. without hesitation. It is $19.95! This is a very affordable program and one you will not regret purchasing. In addition, the printables and DVDs are not consumable. This means that they can be used with all of my kids! $19.95 to teach all four of my children how to multiply? Yes please!
I am especially recommending this if you are a mom, like me, with multiple children. You know how stretched you are to teach many kids many different things during the course of the day. But here is something that is basically self-guided that your child can do completely on their own. This is SO worth the small cost of the program.
One of my favorite review items EVER! I love Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. Check it out today! You can also check them out on Facebook by clicking here. 
Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
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Carrie said...

I'm going to have to get this! Kasen has been begging to learn algebra, but I keep telling him he has to learn multiplication first! He's gifted and in 2nd grade so they are still drilling addition and subtraction facts and he's bored. :/ I so wish I could homeschool.