Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review: My Little Bible

My Little Bible is just one in a series of the bestselling My Little® series. With more than 2 million copies sold, this series is a compact collection of books that will have a big impact on the hearts of your children. My Little Bible will help you introduce your children to key Bible stories while still being small enough to fit comfortably in their little hands. 
Included in this 5 x 8 tiny book are stories like: baby Moses, Noah, Daniel and the lions’ den, Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ call to love and help others, and many more. 

This is a great book to tuck into an Easter basket or Christmas stocking! I'm very excited about introducing it to Hannah. She loves little books that can be HER Bible. 
Children will learn that this little book teaches big truths from the Bible!

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