Saturday, April 02, 2016

My favorite Scrubs memory

One of my very favorite Scrubs memories came when he was about a year old. Scrubs ate socks. He swallowed them whole. And not just baby socks (which we call "Scrubby" snacks). Short socks and knee high socks too. He did it regularly, and yes, we worried that it would result in a blockage of some sort. 

So we started two things in our house. The first was keeping everything off the floor ... especially socks. We put a laundry basket in our closet and kept that closet door shut.

We also purchased some "bitter yuck" spray designed to dissuade dogs from chewing on walls and furniture. Scrubs wasn't dissuaded if that stuff was sprayed on things he wanted to chew on. But he was very upset when we sprayed that stuff in his mouth.

(And it was awful stuff. Occasionally some would be remaining on my finger, and I'd accidentally get it in my mouth. Ugh!)

So anytime we caught Scrubby with something in his mouth that wasn't supposed to be there, we'd squirt a bit of that stuff in his mouth. 

He started panicking when he was caught. Dropping the item and running for his life. He hated that spray.

But despite keeping the socks put way, every couple of days Scrubs was still throwing a sock up. Where was he getting these things? It was a mystery to us.

So one day I was in my bed taking a nap. I wasn't quite asleep, but I was a bit hidden under my blanket and pillow. Suddenly, my half shut bedroom door opened, and I watched as our big puppy lumbered into the room. I watched as he took his nose and pried our closet door open. And then I watched as he put a sock in his jaw and turned to leave the room again.

As he turned, I sat up in bed. Scrubs froze, and I really feel like I could hear him say out loud. "Oh CRAP!"

He dropped that sock and ran. I found him tucked into the back of his kennel where I couldn't reach his mouth to put that spray in very easily.

I was laughing so hard I don't think I actually sprayed him.

Last night was hard. JB fell asleep, but I couldn't control the tears. So many. I think reality sets in now. He isn't coming back. 

Watch out heaven. Keep an eye on those socks!

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