Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Bought a Farm: The Chess Teaching Volunteer

Mr. Daniel, our current volunteer, has been here for about two weeks. He is a fantastic addition to our farm. He lives in the apartment above our garage and joins our family for meals.

And Chess.

He's a Chess teacher.

When he first arrived, I could handily beat both my boys in Chess. I'm not a good Chess player in any sense of the word. But they are seven. So I could beat them. Playing Chess when you win is no big deal. Games take just a few minutes. Not too painful.

Enter Mr. Daniel the Chess player. Chess teacher. Informal lessons begin.

Today I played Isaac two times. He beat me twice.

Then I played Sidge one time. He beat me.

As they are playing they are asking me why I did a certain move. They are telling me that opening that way is not a good idea. They are calling out names of moves. They are advising me not to bring my queen out that early.


Sidge wanted to play me again. I told him no. He asked again. I told him I just couldn't. I just couldn't play one more game.

"It's because we crushed you, isn't it?" He asked.


It is.

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