Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Changing of the Guard

So yesterday, a new volunteer joined our "family" here at Bauernhof Kitsteiner. Jordan is a french-Canadian who spent half his life in France and half his life in Canada. He is traveling the USA for a little while, trying out life on farms. He seems like a fantastic guy so far.

Also, today our current volunteer, Daniel, moved on with his adventures. We had a wonderful time with him here. The kids learned chess, a bit of Spanish, and he was an incredibly hard and independent worker.

A few people have asked me about having "strangers" here at our home. Firstly I will say that these individuals don't stay IN our house. We have a separate apartment that they stay in. Secondly I will also say that we do a lot of background references on these people as well.

We recognize that allowing people to come visit our home puts us slightly at risk, but we truly find the cultural exchange just so rewarding and fantastic. We put some stringent rules in place. (An example: they may never be anywhere alone with a child at any time.) And so far, we've been blown away by what we've gotten in return.

Also, I said good bye to Angelica today. I'm going to write a separate post on her and her family and her departure and how much I love her ... tomorrow. I also have some exciting news about her presence on my Blog! So tune in!

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