Monday, April 18, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Lamb #6

Another day, another baby. Our fifth mom gave birth to our first black lamb. Teardrop gave birth to "Jerome Jr." (Although we usually refrain from naming the boys since they wont'b e staying.) 

I am so excited because I am really learning who is going to go next! I called this one the day before. I actually went out there and thought she was close but had to start dinner. So I asked JB, as soon as he woke up before his shift, went out there. Turns out baby had been delivered but had shot out under the fence! He retrieved it, brought it to mom, and all was well. Nursing already. 

Here is a video I took with an update on the five lambs who have delivered and the four who are left to go.

Just prior to Jerome Jr. entering the world, we had a bit of a "scare" with lamb number 5. I talk about on the video below:

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