Saturday, April 16, 2016

I am a world-changer's Mama.

One of the best pieces I have read on raising strong-willed children! You can read the article in its entirety by clicking here: How to be the Mom Your Strong-Willed Child Needs You to Be.

After reading this article, I have decided, whole-heartedly, that:

“I am the brick-wall in Hannah’s life." My little girl might run a country some day, but she isn't going to run over her mom.

I will continue to stand firm even though I feel like I am standing firm so much of the day. Most days I feel like all I do is stand ... stand ... stand ... as my little Hannah runs into my wall over ... and over ... and over ... again. I will do this because I am helping her feel secure, and I will not:
  1. Frustrate her with too many rules.
  2. Focus on the negatives.
  3. Label her.
I will remember that God chose me to be her Mama.

Hannah is a world-changer. 

And I am a world-changer's Mama.

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