Thursday, April 07, 2016

We Bought a Farm: lambs, lambs, everywhere!

So yesterday we had twins delivered on the farm. And today, JB had to go to work from 7am-7pm. That left me (and our volunteer Daniel) on sheep watch. Daniel, however, is from Arizona, and was really unimpressed with how cold the wind here was today. (I agree!)

Around 10am, I walked out and discovered that one of our two brown lambs is in labor. I managed to get her moved over to the other side to give her a little bit of "safety":


Then I managed to capture the delivery of the lamb on camera. All four kids were there to watch it. The three oldest were really watching. Hannah was just crying the whole time:


I got the kids fed and Hannah down for a nap. Then I returned to check on the new mom and baby and discovered that another mom is in labor:


 I also captured on film new baby #1 successfully starting to nurse. MAN Is it windy:


 Right before I shot this video, I made the decision to pull the lamb. I had been on the phone with JB and with my friend Karen who has a farm down the road. She told me I should pull it, and I went for it. Here it is a few seconds after I pulled it out. Never pulled a lamb before needless to say!


And here they are a few minutes later. Looks like mom and baby are doing well. Karen came over and surmised that this was just a very big baby from a very small mom. But they managed well.


Seriously. My life the last two weeks has left me on an emotional roller coaster. Sad. Scared. Happy. Scared. Ecstatic.

I need some chocolate. Now.


Ann T said...

Thanks for sharing this----the pictures and experience are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

You go farm girl!
Love it!