Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dollywood with Old friends

We have season passes to Dollywood and from April 20-May 20, I have free "take a friend" passes that we can use. Since Angelica was here during this time, we decided to go for it.

I admit, the idea of seven children with two moms in a theme park was slightly daunting. However, I always do Dollywood with strategy. We always go during the week when school is in session. We get there at 9:15. While the park opens at 10am, you can get in and get everything done before that. From 9-11, even on a crowded day, the park is empty and you can walk on any ride. Then, if the crowds do pick up around lunchtime, we leave. I also avoid days that are too hot.

Well it was a totally empty park day. We stayed until close to 4 and never waited in a single line. The kids were so good, and we had a BLAST! No stress at all. So glad we decided to do this.

All kiddos minus Hannah!

With Noah there, who was a year older, Isaac's courage jumped up a level. He decided to try his second roller coaster: Flying Eagle and LOVED it!

A favorite of my boys is this ride.

What would a day at Dollywood be without a ride on the Bees! Here is Reese (my goddaughter) and Abigail.


Hannah in the Pigs.

The closest we came to all seven kiddos in one picture!

Angelica showing off the awesome cinnamon bread that I get every time I go to Dollywood!

The olders.

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