Thursday, August 04, 2016

Beyond Giddy

I pray about my writing a lot. I tell the Lord that I don't know what direction HE is taking me in but that I am along for the ride. I am still working on my book, editing for a non-profit organization, and have also written a chapter for an infertility book that is currently seeking approval by a publisher!

I've spoken of Julie Lessman on my Blog previously and have done frequent give-aways for her books. She is my new favorite Christian fiction writer, and I have been a huge fan. Somehow, Julie and I connected through the power of social media. She is very attentive to her fans and communicates regularly with her readers. She found out I was a former English teacher and then that I worked as a writer and editor.

She asked me to do a final read of her book Glimmer of Hope (A prequel to the book Isle of Hope) late last year. But this year, she asked me to do an early read and edit of the second book in the series Love Everlasting.

She asked me if I have time to do this. That's a funny question because the correct answer would be NO but there was nothing I would ever say but YES. I am seriously, giddy, happy, floating a bit. So excited to get to be a part of this author's work -- if only a little bit.

Thanks Julie for this opportunity!!!


Julie Lessman said...

Seriously, Wendi??? You're thanking ME??? It's I who should be thanking you, my friend, for your kind willingness to be a beta reader/editor on Love Everlasting. I can't thank you enough, my friend, even if you tell me you hate it. ;)

Hugs and more hugs!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness! I love Julie's books! I am a huge fan after your recommendations. This is so exciting for you!