Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vermont Part IV: Glimpses of Lake Life

What would time at the Lake be without a water gun fight?

Or posing on the front porch.

Oh! How great! 75 percent participation.

Hey Hannah! Will you join us?

Silly faces!

Oh Hannah. What a piece of work she is.

This kid makes my heart so happy and so flabbergasted all at the same time!

Trying out a fun new gun in the house. But we need a target!

Cool. Isaac can be the target.

Trying to dodge ...

... the bullets.

Not going so well.

Oh no.

Time to make a run for it.

All righty. Now it is time to take those water guns out on the lake.

Abigail is dodging incoming fire.

Hannah is not helping me much here. And as you can say, Abigail has abandoned ship.

Bombs away!

I'm about to get shot!

Oh no!

JB was hard to beat.

Go Auntie Rita!

The boys decided to take the dock.

Good job Isaac.

While back inside, Hannah ...

... meets a bear.

And tries to do a scared face.

She also did not want to stay in her bed. Here she is on the second floor railing spying on the grown-ups.

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