Friday, August 26, 2016

Things I learned while travelling

I consider myself a seasoned traveller. But I'm amazed that each time I travel with my children, I learn new things. This trip to Vermont was quite a doozy. We flew out of Nashville (four hours from us) because the tickets were one-fourth the price. So we drove four hours to Nashville, got a hotel, flew to Boston, toured Boston, got a hotel outside of Boston, spent the night, and then drove to the cabin. We then did the entire process in reverse five days later.

While travelling I discovered:
  • Children have no idea why the words 4am and hyper do NOT go together.
  • Making the joke while you walk down the aisle on your Southwest flight that, "We'll just place each of the kids in a middle seat," made me people very nervous.
  • Water bottles when opened after you are up in the air, have the potential to explode. I knew this. But I forgot this. Abigail got totally doused.
  • Planes are cold. Save some money people.
  • Wiping bottoms in lavatories is NOT easy.

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