Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Learning to Live It

This boy. And this dog. Are in love. 
Both are dogs are wonderful, but Sidge is head over heals for Ritter. 
All this dog does when he sees you is rolls onto his back and asks you to scratch his belly. 
I call him my "big lug." 
I'm learning on the farm that there are seasons. 
There are times to let go. 
And times to celebrate new life. 
April was a time of saying good bye. 
To Scrubs. 
And I grieved the loss of our guinea fowl. 
Every time we lose an animal, it is really hard on me. 
But then this morning I scratched our favorite sheep: Snowball right on the head.
And I waved at her little baby girl: Ballerina (who still won't come near us). 
And marveled how baby girl, still nursing, is nearing the size of her mother.
Farming is teaching me so much. 
I'm learning every day.

My Aunt Connie sent me a great video. It really hit a soft spot in my heart. 
This is my life. 
And I'm learning to live it.

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