Friday, August 26, 2016

Vermont Part V: Heading out to Water

Most every day in Vermont was spent the same way. It looked a little like this:

We'd play some games and hang out int he morning while we waited for the water to warm up and the sun to come out!

Then Sidge would come up with the plan for the day.

And we'd race out to the dock!

Okay and so maybe, because this was vacation, I threw all my eating practices out the window and even drank some Mountain Dew. (I had been without it for almost two months and am happy to say that I am back on the wagon now that we are home!)

After that we would do all kinds of fun stuff on the water.

Joni and her boys.

Hannah actually LOVED the water and loved being out Kayaking.

Joni trying to talk Isaac into a ride. He is the least fan of the water. Loves rock collecting but does NOT like to be cold AT ALL.

Sidge, however, was a kayaking JUNKIE! The kid wanted to go out as much as possible. He did his own kayaking for most of the trip. Someone would stay kind of close to him, but he was totally great at it.

Ahhhh, there's Joni and Isaac. She talked him into it!

Isaac is not so sure about his decision.

If Hannah doesn't want to take a picture, she won't.

Or she will be a goofball for it.

Abigail with Uncle Mike and Joni with Hannah.

I love this picture. Auntie Rita is just carrying Hannah by her life vest. Hannah loved this.

After a fun day of water sports (and maybe some ping pong in the basement), we'd eat dinner on the deck. Simply the most perfect weather you can imagine.

And our "shy" little Abigail often wanted to say the prayer.

We'd end the night relaxing. Sidge LOVED to play with Andre. He is SUCH an animal lover.

Love my boy.

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carla said...

How fun this vacation looks!! I am so glad you got to go and enjoy family!!